K12 Academics

Part-Time Academics | Project Based Learning | Topics Courses
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
9:00am - 3:00pm


K12 Learning Lab welcomes learners from various backgrounds and with different needs, including learners with mild learning differences or other exceptionalities.  Many of our learners have struggled in more traditional public and private schools because sitting in a desk 5 hours a day isn't realistic or because they need more engaging, hands-on, active learning opportunities. 

Additionally, many of our learners are gifted or "twice exceptional" and have discovered that traditional schools or homeschool environments do not meet their individual needs. 

Our learners are "Gappers," children who struggle with the reality of "WHAT IS" (reality of traditional education) and strive to achieve "WHAT IS POSSIBLE" (possibilities of progressive, flexible education), and our programs help students bridge all of the gaps that occur when education isn’t designed with their specific needs in mind.

Academic Calendar

1st Quarter: 8/13-10/10
2nd Quarter: 10/15-12/19
3rd Quarter: 1/7-3/5
4th Quarter: 3/24-5/21

Current and newly accepted students enroll by clicking the appropriate link below. The annual enrollment fee includes materials and curriculum.

Lower Elementary Program

We understand that young children learn through play and through the exploration of stimulating, hands-on activities, games, and other projects.  Our Lower Elementary program is designed to meet the specific needs of younger elementary children by combining creativity, social interaction, and practical application of knowledge by demonstrating what they know through a variety of learning modalities and through the exploration of their environment and their community.

Upper Elementary Program

The Upper Elementary program is designed to foster the natural curiosity of older elementary-intermediate aged children, while developing the independent-functioning and academic skills necessary for more complex activities. We believe that children grow academically and socially through inquiry-driven, project-based collaborations and useful problem-solving skill development, so the Upper Elementary program is designed to encourage depth, not breadth, and to cultivate a process of inquiry as the foundation for more advanced academic skills.

Intermediate Program

Early adolescence is a time for exploring passions, finding out what makes each of us unique, and learning how we fit into the world around us.  K12 Learning Lab sees individual curiosities, abilities, and learning styles as important factors in designing, differentiating, and assessing learning. Students in our Intermediate program are encouraged to follow their interests, pursue problems and knowledge that build on their current understanding of the world, and defend their conclusions by explaining their thinking in a variety of ways.