K12 Learning Lab recognizes the limitations of the current one-size-fits-all approach to education in which teachers are expected to be on the same page on the same day with limited responsiveness to different rates of understanding and individual learning needs. Developmental psychology tells us that children experience uneven developmental trajectories up until around age 8, with children’s brains reaching developmental readiness for different concepts at highly individual rates. Research also tells us that children learn best when they are interested in the topic being studied, motivated to acquire knowledge and skills for a specific purpose, and confident in their abilities to succeed.

The K12 Learning Lab offers developmentally appropriate, adaptable, and accessible educational alternatives to the standard public, private, and homeschool environments. K12 Learning Lab offers student-centered, innovative, and hands-on educational programs that are designed to bridge the educational gap between “what is” and “what is possible.” 

To best meet the needs of students, K12 Learning Lab uses a mixed-age small group, project-based approach to teaching and learning, which allows children to work at their own level and to be motivated by their own curiosity. Teachers, students, specialists, and parents work collaboratively to create the ideal program for each student, including small groups, 1:1 tutoring, specialized programming, and intensive workshops and professional services. Our project-based curriculum is designed around the interests of the students and structured to maximize each student’s learning strengths while providing support and guidance for improvement in areas of concern.  When education is designed to best meet the needs of the students, students are effectively engaged, motivated to seek new knowledge and understanding of the world, and learn most effectively. 

At K12 Learning Lab, we honor and respect childhood as a time of happiness, curiosity, and active, engaged learning. We provide real-life learning opportunities that empower students to ask questions, seek answers, and actively participate in their own learning. We provide a learning experience that puts children in daily contact with nature, their environment, and their community. 

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