Part-Time Tutoring

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While the K12 Learning Lab environment provides numerous opportunities for non-traditional learners to optimize their learning experience, we realize that many students need additional support. Therefore, the K12 Learning Lab provides the following services:

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Professional Support / Intervention

  • General or Specialized Tutoring

  • Developmental Workshops / Classes

We use a variety of instructional strategies, curriculum, and support to help children grasp academic and/or social skills concepts, including 1:1 tutoring as well as small group workshops, based on individual student needs.

Available Tutoring Options

Workshops & Special Small Group Classes


3rd Party Interventions & Support Specialists

Periodically, students may require additional interventions beyond general academic tutoring. These additional interventions will be designed to meet the needs of each student and may be offered through 3rd party professionals. Some additional interventions may be required to remain enrolled in the K12 Learning Lab programs. These additional interventions may include specialized workshops for students and parents, additional collaborative meetings and consultations, specialized academic, psychological, or medical evaluations or assessments, ABA support, or extra specialized/intensive 1:1 support or tutoring. Additional fees depend on the specific interventions.